Motto2 Magazine Vol. 5 Preview (Kyo)

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who wore it better

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[UPDATED] SHINee Shows With English Subtitles



Full list of SHINee’s appearances on Variety Shows, Radio Shows, Dramas and Award Shows with English subs.  

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when somebody whos generally nice gets upset over the smallest thing then its probably because theyre fed up of getting walked all over all the time and having their feelings and belongings disregarded by other people so next time someone flips their shit because you took a piece of their food without asking or wore a piece of their clothing without permission you should probably apologise instead of saying they have a short temper or theyre too dramatic

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Remember Kim Taeyeon, 2007, just a scared young girl with big dreams, standing at the bridge alone shouting ‘I can do it!’. No one knew who she was and no one would stop by to listen.

Five years later, she is the leader of Korea’s national girl group, a girl who made her dreams come true, standing on the most prestigious stages with eight others as Girls’ Generation. The name everyone has come to know, respect and love. And when she sings, the world listens.

Kim Taeyeon, you did it.

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My two dogs went missing on Easter Sunday in Laredo, TX around 7:30pm-8pm. They were last seen between McPherson, Calton, and Springfield area. If you have any information please call any number listed above.

Everyone on Tumblr needs to SIGNAL BOOST this post because they must be scared and hungry right now. We need all the help we can get in finding both my dogs.

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a fan shouted “tiffany you’re so cute!” and tiffany says thanks all cutely but then she laughs this awkward laugh

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hands.. (* ˘⌣˘)♡

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Stare, stare, then blink and look away, in case it was too obvious.

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